Base Gallery Update 1.7 and Demo released

Base Gallery Update and Demo for Lightroom

The redrex Base Gallery v1.7 update is now available, plus a demo version has been launched too.
Version 1.7 includes the following features;

Fotomoto News

Fotomoto news

Just to let you know some good news - that redrex plugins will keep supporting the Fotomoto service in its web plugins. Fotomoto has recently been taken over by Bay Photo, and they sent the following email to its users...

Lightroom 5 Web Galleries

Lightroom 5 Splash Screen

With the recent launch of Adobe Lightroom 5 I can confirm that the Base and Porfolio galleries are compatible with the newer version. In the comming months there are updates planned for these galleries plus a few new ones!

Also any Lightroom 4 presets will work on Lightroom 5 too.


Gallery Updates

redrex Gallery Updates

New updates are avaliable for the Base Gallery and Portfolio Gallery.
Base Gallery Updates.

  • Tested with the new version 4.4 of Lightroom.
  • New gallery templates 10x10 grid.
  • Greater thumbnail controls.

Portfolio Gallery Updates

Lightroom 5 Beta now available

Lightroom 5 Beta

Adobe has launched Lightroom 5 beta via the Adobe Labs site. See the link below for a free download.

The new Lightroom 5 beta offers photographers and enthusiasts many new features including:

The New redrex Portfolio Web Gallery

redrex Portfolio Web Gallery for Lightroom

The New redrex Portfolio Gallery gives you the ability to create a web site with multiple pages and galleries all in one single Lightroom export. jQuery is used to display all the content from just from one HTML file, no server side scripts required

Base Gallery Update V1.6

Base Gallery version 1.6 update for Lightroom

A new release of the Base gallery is now available with the following features;

  • Thumb cropping position.
  • jQuery 1.8 update.
  • Label editing for all text.
  • Ability to centre thumbs on landscape layouts.
  • Tested with the new version 4.2 of Lightroom.
  • New gallery templates.
  • Ability to hide thumbnails.
  • Set independ maximum image size values.
  • Lightroom UI updates

Black & White Preset Collection

Black & White Preset Collection Lightroom

A Black & White Lightroom Preset collection is now available from the products page. The collection gives you a varying array of monochrome effects. From grungy hard contrast to soft and subtle black and white preset settings.

Created for Lightroom 4.

Click here to buy the collection and see examples of it in action.

Lo-fi preset collection now with textures

Lo-fi Lightroom Presets with textures

The Lo-fi preset collection now includes four high res texture files to give rustic and stylish effects, please note photoshop is required to apply the textures, instructions are included on how apply them. Textures sizes are 5616 x 3744 pixels.

The image below shows the textures applied to an image using a lo-fi preset.

Lightroom Preset Lo-fi with textures


redrex Base Gallery for Lightroom

Base Gallery

Lightroom web gallery with ecommerce via Fotomoto & multiple gallery layouts. Try the demo for free here.

Lo-fi Presets Collection

Lo-fi Preset Collection (LR4)

Get all nostalgic with lo-fi colour casts, vintage tones, borders and grain styles.

Free Lightroom Preset Collection

Free Lightroom Preset Downloads

A collection of 10 creative presets.