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Responsive Base Gallery Demo

This newly developed Adobe Lightroom Web Gallery utilises the success of the original Base Gallery and builds on it with a responsive framework so it works great on any device. The new Responsive Base Gallery uses the popular Bootstrap framework to make the gallery resize for any screen size, and AngularJS is used for the gallery engine. Its features include checkout by email (replaces Fotomoto), EU Cookie compliance notice, Icon support, scrollable caption section - for large text captions, Element alignment, Navbar items, Background Music, plus much more.

Base Gallery Demo

The Base Gallery is a powerful HTML5 & Javascript Lightroom Web gallery capable of showing hundreds of photographs per gallery all of different sizes with a simple, customisable and easy to use interface.

This Gallery is designed for Lightroom 4, 5 & 6 (including Lightroom Classic CC). The demo is limited to 6 images, the full gallery can be purchased here.

Click the file link below to download the demo.

Portfolio Gallery Demo

The Portfolio Gallery Demo gives you the ability to create a web site with multiple pages and galleries all in one single Lightroom export. jQuery is used to display all the content from just from one HTML file, no server side scripts required. A powerful front-end framework is provided via the bootstrap platform giving you resizeable pages, so your site looks great on a laptop screen, tablet or a mobile phone. The framework also gives web designers and developers a sleek, intuitive base for faster and easier web development.

The Web Gallery is designed for Lightroom 4, 5 & 6 (including Lightroom Classic CC). Demo is limited to 9 images. The full gallery can be purchased here.