Base Gallery

The Base Gallery is a powerful HTML5 & Javascript Lightroom Web gallery capable of showing hundreds of photographs per gallery all of different sizes with a simple, customisable and easy to use interface. Its features include mulitple different layouts, e-commerce via fotomoto, slideshow, Retina display, thumbnail paging, text captions for each photo, facebook like button, latest web standards using HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery, plus much more, see features section for details. The gallery uses a customised Galleriffic jQuery plugin at its core to create your Lightroom Web Gallery.

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Key Features

  Multiple Gallery Layouts

The Base Gallery comes with over 20 gallery templates. Below is a sample of them click the links next to the images to test live demos of the galleries.

2 Column Grid with Fotomoto


View Live Demo

10x10 Grid

10x10 Lightroom Web Gallery

View Live Demo


Narrow Grid

Narrow Lightroom Web Gallery

View Live Demo


Large, No Thumbnails

Large Lightroom Web Gallery

View Live Demo

Large with Thumbnails

Large Thumb Lightroom Web Gallery

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  Caption Panel

The caption panel lets you display a photos meta data. The panel is optional and can be shown and hidden within the gallery.


Retina Display  Retina Support

This feature works by detecting the pixel density of the device via CSS. If the device has a high resolution display such as an iPad, Nexus 10 or Retina Mac Book Pro then higher resoution images will be displayed. If you want your gallery to be optimised for low bandwidth mobile viewing then this option can be disabled when creating the gallery.


  Font Awesome Icons & Google Web Fonts Support

Font awesome allows you to add icons to the gallery labels, the icons are scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS. Google Web Fonts allow you to use fonts outside the normal 'Web safe Fonts'. There are hundreds to choose from.


Gallery works with fotomoto integration, which is a javascript plugin which lets you sell your images direct from the gallery. See the video below for details about this service. This feature is optional and does not have to be used (I get asked this question a lot!).


  Disabling Right click "Save As"

User are not able to right click on an image and "save as" to download it.

 Google Analytics

The Tracking code feature gives you the option of adding javascript tracking code from services such as Google analytics. When adding your code make sure you include the script tags as shown below.

Lightroom & Browser Support

Base gallery v1.7 works with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5 & 6 (including Lightroom CC). On PC & Mac.

For more information about the gallery please view the gallery documentation.


Try the Demo

A demo of the base gallery can be downloaded here. The demo is limited to only export 6 images.