RAW Creative Presets 2 (LR3)

A collection of 10 creative presets, plus 10 more presets from an updated version of the RAW Creative Presets 1 for Lightroom 3.







  • Burnt Style - 70s style colouring with autumnal tones.
  • Infrared Filter BW - I created this to use with photos taken using a Hoya R72 Infrared filter, to convert to BW images. Also works great to create studio BW photographs from non infrared images.
  • Lo-fi Modern - Lo-fi film look, but keeping the image quality high and a bit more punch to the colours.
  • Lo-fi Prime - A true lo-fi film look with dreamy colours.
  • Muted - Wash out soft effect.
  • Pink Splash - Pink colouring effect.
  • Bright Drama- Creates soft tones with a vintage look.
  • Impact - For photos lacking contrast and colour hit them with this.
  • Sepia Love - Sepia tones with good contrast.
  • Sunset - Gives your sunset photos a boost in contrast and brings out the reds, oranges and yellows.
Installation tips are included in the download.

Burnt Style Lightroom PresetInfrared filter BW Lightroom PresetLo-fi Modern Lightroom PresetLo-fi Prime Lightroom PresetMuted Lightroom PresetPink Splash Lightroom Preset


Bright Drama Lightroom PresetImpact Lightroom Preset.Sepia Love Lightroom Preset.Sunset Lightroom Preset


Click here for more examples of the presets in action.

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