redrex RAW Creative Presets 1 (LR2)

A collection of 10 creative presets. Designed for Lightroom 2 but compatible with Lightroom 3.





  • Aged - Creates a high contrast weathered effect.
  • Bluehaze - Blue cooling effect.
  • BW Prime - Good starting base for your Black & White photos.
  • Old Outback - Western sepia effect.
  • Sepia Hint - Soft sepia effect.
  • Soft BW - Very soft Black & White look.
  • Sunburnt - Over saturates the colours to give an intense image.
  • Vintage 60s - Go retro.
  • Vintage BW - An old Black & White look.
  • White Putty - Very soft white out effect.

These presets were created with Lightroom 2, they will work with Lightroom 3 but won't take advantage of new features. An updated version of these presets are available here.

The download includes instructions on how to install the presets if you require help.


Aged Lightroom PresetBluehaze Lightroom PresetBW Prime Lightroom Preset


Old Out Back Lightroom PresetSoft BW Lightroom PresetSunburnt Lightroom PresetVintage 60s Lightroom PresetVintage BW Lightroom Preset