Responsive Base Gallery FAQ

Does it work with wordpress or any other CMS?

No not directly, the gallery is designed to work on its own. A possible way to use the gallery with a CMS would be to host the web galleries on a subdomain and link to them from the CMS.


Which Lightroom versions does it work with?

Either Lightroom 6 (standalone) or the Lightroom Creative Cloud (CC) edition.


Do I have to have the checkout by email enabled?

No, the gallery can work without any checkout features configured, they are all optional. This feature replaces the fotomoto integration which was offered in the original Base Gallery.


What is required for the checkout by email feature to work?

PHP version 5.5 or greater installed in your web hosting environment and a free MailJet account to send emails. I would recommend testing the demo version of the gallery if you are unsure about your hosting environment.


Can checkout by email work with via Paypal?

Not directly. If you wish to collect payment by PayPal I would recommend sending an invoice by email once you receive an order.


Is a demo version available?

Yes, you can download it from this page here.


How do I install the gallery?

Details on how to install the gallery and its templates can be found here.


Didn't the Base Gallery have Square thumbnails?

To fix the original Base Gallery issue with watermarks on panoramic ratio images uncropped thumbnails have been used. The thumbnail images however are now contained in a square container.


Do original Base Gallery Templates work with the responsive version?



Does it work with Fotomoto?

No, the checkout by email feature has replaced this.


What happens if I find a bug or would like to see an additional feature?

Please let me know via the contact form. Please state as much detail as possible including if you are using Mac or a PC, what version of Lightroom and any browser details if applicable.