Fotomoto News

Fotomoto news

Just to let you know some good news - that redrex plugins will keep supporting the Fotomoto service in its web plugins. Fotomoto has recently been taken over by Bay Photo, and they sent the following email to its users...

The New redrex Portfolio Web Gallery

redrex Portfolio Web Gallery for Lightroom

The New redrex Portfolio Gallery gives you the ability to create a web site with multiple pages and galleries all in one single Lightroom export. jQuery is used to display all the content from just from one HTML file, no server side scripts required

Base Gallery 1.4 now with fotomoto support

The redrex Base Gallery has now supports fotomoto integration. See the video below for details about this service.

The gallery also has full Lightroom 4 support as well as javascript updates and fixes.

See the base gallery demo to see fotomoto in action.

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